Getting started

I retired a little over a year ago and have been reading lots, enjoying grand children, traveling a little, improving my health, volunteering for things, learning to ride horses, substituting in local schools, and relaxing when I can.  In reality being retired is very relaxed in that other than “hunny do’s”, I decide what I will do.  I check the shoebox and there is still money there, so I have not spent through my vast fortune accumulated during my career, so for the time being I will be able to continue the life I am engaged in.

Part of reading is reflecting on everything that you know or what you think you know.  It is both personal reflection and less personal in regard to history and politics.  I have realized much of what I think I know may not be exactly what it seems.  It is my hope that now I will be adding writing as part of my reflection and retirement activities.  In the future I will be adding blogs of recollection and politics.  Hopefully of interest to me and perhaps others.


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